Lentil as Anything


CLIENT: Lentil as Anything

SIZE: 76sqm

SCOPE: To refurbish this not-for-profit community restaurant with improved accessibility, safety and ergonomics and a fresh new look.

TESTIMONIAL: “Forward Thinking Design volunteered to offer their time and expertise to improve the aesthetics and functionality of our restaurant. We serve 500-600 meals per day and the staff at FTD could see that the flow of customers, volunteers and staff could be improved. We luckily received a grant from an external organisation and they helped spearhead the success of a renovation. They respected that we were a Not For Profit and that many of our workforce are volunteers, so were attentive to every detail. They were professional in their approach and provided us with a lot of information about ensuring everything was restaurant grade and compliant. Our volunteers and staff were supportive of the design change and it has resulted in a wider customer base and increased morale.” Nicole Khoury, Restaurant Manager