Brand & Business Strategy

A failure to research and plan is a plan to fail.

We’re called ‘Forward Thinking’ for a reason. Our minds are set on ensuring the future of your business by helping you to really understand the identity and preferences of your customer/audience/user, and the context in which you operate. Both new startups and existing brands in retail, hospitality and commercial markets, bring FTD on board to dig deeply into the strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats associated with their new projects and expansions. We undertake real-life, down to earth qualitative research, at a fraction of the cost of most market research firms, and help you to set up brand, business and fitout strategies focussed on the unspoken needs and desires of your ideal target market and internal stakeholders. All Strategy services are overseen by our Principal; an award winning entrepreneur herself with over a decade of coal-face business management and brand positioning experience.

Our Strategy services cover:

  • Bringing a critical external eye to existing businesses and locations to help you make improvements to your design, fitout, branding, positioning and service, from the consumer/users point of view
  • User observation and research
  • Ideal customer identification and analysis
  • Competitor and market analysis
  • S.W.O.T analysis for general brand positioning and site selection
  • Staff and stakeholder consultation to determine vision, direction, positioning, culture, authenticity and opportunities for improvement
  • Staff consultation to improve buy-in and support for new initiatives and expansion
  • Creation of vision and positioning statements
  • Location based demographic research to promote effective site selection access and utilisation
  • Location based regulatory approval process identification
  • Business case ‘pitch’ presentations to support negotiations with potential Lessors
  • Brand Strategy for graphic design and marketing planning
  • Brand Strategy for fitout design
  • Best practice Corporate Social Responsibility integration into all elements of strategy and design.