Food Premises & Menu Planning

Is your menu innovative, fresh, seasonal, efficient, profitable and ahead of the game?

Have you addressed the current and future demand towards increased customisation, healthy and light options, food as ‘insta’-art, comfort and artisan, locally sourced gf and plant based/vegan dining? Has your kitchen and flow been specified and designed to support your menu and operational efficiency?

Forward Thinking Design keep their fingers on the pulse of food trends both in Australia and overseas; accessing leading futurist predictors for continued updates. With over a decade in the creation of successful food premises we can give you invaluable insights into your local market, as well as experienced observation of what’s working for others in terms of menu and operations. We particularly specialise in helping organisations expand their markets, increase their turn over and improve food safety & profitability by providing for special dietary requirements and more ethical and sustainable offerings and operations. Beyond our own internal service offering, our consultant network includes expert chefs, dietitians and catering equipment suppliers.