Is your store, food premises, office or service facility falling short of regulatory compliance or not fulfilling its potential? Is your organisation stagnating, failing to thrive or unsure about how best to scale, expand, grow and move forward? Your premises, service, strategy, culture or marketing could be holding you back; concealing hidden opportunities for improvement just waiting to be identified and unleashed!

Forward Thinking Design brings technical know-how, emotional intelligence and the consumers eye to bear in auditing your user experience and premises infrastructure. For a frank review of what you can’t see, and your customers and staff can’t communicate, call us in. We won’t just identify the problems and latent potential in your space, service, offering and message; we’ll apply creative and strategic thinking to offering cost effective solutions and help you formulate an action plan for immediate implementation.

Also covered:

  • Work Health & Safety Issues
  • Food Code, National Standards & Building Code Compliance
  • Disability Access Provisions
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