Wednesday, 27 June, 2012 Allphones Arena today officially launched its new Colossus pizzas which are now available for concert goers and Sydney Olympic Park residents and workers.

Each Colossus pizza measures 1.8m by 1.8m and the Guinness Book of Records have confirmed that the pizzas are the largest commercially available pizzas in the world and will be included in the Guinness Book of Records following twelve (12) months of service.

There are three standard varieties of Colossus pizzas available with each pizza needing some serious kneading and topping!

Each Colossus pizza takes approximately 2 days* to put together and needs 12kg of flour, 125g of yeast, 600ml vegetable oil, 250g castor sugar, 10g of salt and 3 litres of water for the base alone. Toppings for one Colossus pizza require 4kg cheese, 5kg meat/vegetables and 2 litres of sauce with each Colossus weighing in at approximately 24kg!

Allphones Arena have built the oven from scratch and due to its enormous size, needed to have most of the equipment custom built including a 22kg stainless steel rolling pin, pizza cutter, tables large enough to hold each pizza, stokers, brushes and trollies.

The oven took over 6 weeks to build and is a staggering 4m x 4m in diameter (weighing in at 10 tonne) with an internal cooking space of 2.1m x 2.7m. Heating the oven takes 100kg of wood per day, 7 hours to reach the required temperature of 500º Celsius (932º Fahrenheit) and takes ten full days to fully cool down.

At today’s launch naming rights sponsor, Allphones, bought the full first Colossus pizza out of the oven for $600.00 with the money going to Allphones Arena’s chosen charities – Australian Children’s Music Foundation (ACMF) and burns victim, Amanda Wright.

Shaun Colligan, Allphones’ CEO, said “The pizza is a an innovative first for any venue in the world, and highlights why Allphones have aligned their brand with the Arena – we are similar companies that think outside of the square and are continually looking for ways to engage with and provide patrons with unique offerings. Allphones are ecstatic to be able to purchase the first pizza knowing that ALL the funds will going to the Arena’s nominated charities”.

Allphones Arena General Manager, Paul Sergeant, said “The WOW factor when you first see Colossus highlights what a night at Allphones Arena is all about. We give people reason to cheer because attending an event or show is fun, exciting and memorable. People walk away buzzing with excitement having had a wonderful experience. Not only is it a sight to behold, Colossus is a truly great tasting pizza”.

Allphones Arena patrons will be able to purchase individual slices at all events at the Arena. Pizza fans will also have the opportunity of pre-ordering a Colossus, with their own choice of toppings, at any event for $600.00.

Mark Wright, Allphones Arena’s Executive Chef, said “Colossus is the largest single food item that I’ve ever been involved with and it’s not as scary as it sounds! It took us over a dozen recipes to get the dough right (with enough elasticity) then numerous cook-offs to fine tune the required amounts of topping and timings. Each slice of Colossus is a meal in itself packed with fresh ingredients”.

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