Club Catalina Main Bar & Members Lounge Renovation

“When I first stepped into Club Catalina’s Members Lounge and Bistro spaces I found the most interesting ceiling form and detailing, with illogically large columns and I-beams that appeared to have been added during a later renovation of the space. Investigations into the history of the clubhouse building revealed that my reading of the space […]

Restaurant & Cafe Top Tips for Survival Webinars

Over the next two weeks, our Principal, Vanessa Cullen, will be running free webinars with Western Sydney Business School with top tips for restaurant/cafe survival of COVID-19. The first of these webinars was run on the 14th of April, and you can now access the recording of the presentation below. Just follow the link and […]

Need urgent help setting up your W.H.S compliant home office?

As COVID-19 has caused many individuals/organisations to need to set up home offices instantly, we are offering virtual home office design consultations. For $99 (GST incl.) we provide a 30 minute web based video consult, plus a specification list of links to buy (online) any furniture or fittings or additional support that we recommend. Given […]