NewKind 2019 Presentation

Mind map/notes from Vanessa’s CHOOSING ETHICAL WORK WITHOUT GOING BROKE (financially, emotionally, spiritually) workshop…   We also recommend: ethicaljobs.com.au bcorporation.com.au socialtraders.com.au socialchangecentral.com

NewKind Festival

Our Managing Director, Vanessa Cullen really enjoyed presenting at and attending Newkind 2019.   Newkind 2020 is going to be held at the same venue, Marion Bay Tasmania, a little earlier in the year.   Newkind have released a pre-ticket sales registration for those who would like to secure an early bird ticket.   The […]

Every Seat (at the Table) Launch!

IT’S LAUNCH DAY! In response to growing interest in our restaurant experience audit and menu consultancy services, we’ve launched a new division of Forward Thinking Design – Every Seat (at the Table)! This allows us to provide expanded content and services around helping our hospitality clients whilst still focussing on what we do best at […]