I’ve read recently that Melbourne restaurant Lentil As Anything’s system of ‘Pay What You Think it’s Worth’ is being applied in other business sectors, as an attempt at gaining a competitive edge in these cut-throat times.  Whether we agree with this payment model or not, it does challenge us to examine our levels of customer service and the quality of our offering.  Is there anything we could do differently or better to create greater value in our service?  Could we provide a customer experience so amazing that our patrons would voluntarily hand over more than we would normally charge?  Perhaps this is the time to consider ways to reward and entice your customers to pay you what you’re worth by returning again and again and by referring your business to their friends and acquaintances.  You expect loyalty from your customers but ask yourself ‘what’s really in it for them?’

Vanessa Cullen

As Principal of Forward Thinking Design, Vanessa Cullen specialises in creating memorable customer experiences through fitout design and project management for restaurants, clubs, retail stores, commercial offices and healthcare centres.  Contact her directly on 0403867807 or email [email protected]

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