Words by: Jessica Aquilina, Blacktown Sun, Tuesday 6th November

Business Winner of the ‘Design an Ad’ project. Tuesday 6th November 2012


Seven Hills High School student Denisse San Pedro, 16, has won the Blacktown Sun’s Design an Ad Project with her advertisement for a confectionary shop, Sergio’s Cake Shop.

The manager of Sergio’s Cake Shop and director of Sergio’s Franchising, Peter Christou, said he was proud to be part of the project. “We’re happy to be a part of the community and are glad that so many students have shown such a large interest in our business for the Design an Ad competition,” Mr Christou said. He said Denisse’s advertisement could promote the business. “Denisse’s advertisement can create public awareness of the business within the local community and schools” he said. “Also, the ad can raise interest and appeal to a younger generation.”

Blacktown Sun cover page with Winners of the ‘Design an Ad’ project. Tuesday 6th November 2012


Mr Christou said he particularity liked the creativity that had gone into Denisse’s ad.

“I like the creativity and artistic aspect of the ad,” he said. “It’s exactly what I would want to publish. “It’s like Denisse read my mind. “It was clear and defined.”


The Design an Ad Project required students to create an advertisement for a local business which had agreed to sponsor the local school. The business supplied an advertisement brief and the students were given several weeks to complete their creative efforts. Mr Christou said the Design an Ad Project was a great community initiative. “I like getting involved with the community and l think this project does just that,” he said. It also helps children get in touch with the real world outside of school.”


Mr Christou said it was very important for local businesses to support local education. “I think schools need all the support they can get especially from the local business and community” he said. “A big part of the local community is schools and local businesses are the heart of any thriving community. “Local businesses set a certain standard or status for the community which can also influence the direction of one’s life. “Schools and businesses need to be encouraged to support one another to move forward positively.”

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