Last week I undertook a personality and wealth creation analysis which was given to me as part of the prize for a business award that I recently won.  The consultant who donated the analysis was Margaret Hamar from Be Savvy  It was an interesting experience because whilst there was little revealed about my own strengths and weaknesses that I didn’t already know, the session did help me to clarify the types of people that I need on my staff.

Previously I have fallen into the trap of bringing other designers on board who have similar personality traits to my own.  The failure of these relationships have left me wondering what went wrong and questionning my own ability as a manager.  However, when I recently invested in a personal assistant who’s strengths lie in the areas of my weakness (and visa versa) I suddenly found that our productivity soared and I seemed to finally be able to focus on the things that I do best.  I now realise that making good, complementary choices in my support staff may provide greater ROI than simply hiring more creatives.

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