Image Courtesy of IKEA

August 2013

Author – David Mellonie, for the Design Institute of Australia


New IKEA app lets you see catalogue items in your own home before you buy.

Like the look of that nice new sofa in IKEA but not quite sure how it would look in your living room?

Problem solved, thanks to a new app that IKEA has just released through iTunes.

The new app allows you to select certain items from their catalogue and then, thanks to the wonders of photo imagery and your smart phone, superimpose your chosen IKEA item straight into an image of your lounge room or bedroom or wherever else you want to place the object.

The new app takes the guesswork out of buying, and saves both you and IKEA future hassles if you decide it doesn’t fit after you’ve bought it and traipsed all the way down to the IKEA store and spent an hour winding your way through the entire store to the famously distant IKEA checkouts.

As yet, not all items in the catalogue are featured in the new app – and you still have to have a hard copy of the catalogue with you at home to make the current system work.

But no doubt IKEA is working on that too.

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