City of Casey Circular Economy Pilot

City of Casey awarded FTD Circular a grant to pilot FTDC’s circular economy approach (and asset management digital platform) to de-fitting community facilities. Through reuse, donation and recycling, 90% of all fixtures and fittings were diverted from landfill. Since this successful pilot, FTD Circular has been engaged to consult on embedding circularity into Council’s ESD, procurement and disposal policies.

The architect engaged by Council on FTD Circular’s pilot project had this to say:

“The experience (was) a real awakening for us regarding the potential of using products (from) a material bank to enable a circular economy… (FTD Circular offers) a future where (we) could tap into a comprehensive digital catalogue of existing materials and products for use in new… projects.” Brad Manser, Ian McEwan Designs Pty Ltd Architects

Please follow this link for more information about City of Casey’s Circular Economy Living Lab and the Summary Report

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