Stockland Circular Economy Pilot

In 2023, FTD Circular collaborated with Stockland to implement a circular economy approach for retail de-fits, setting a new standard for waste diversion from landfill. Over six days, our retail de-fit project achieved 100% waste-to-diversion of loose items and 87% of construction materials by reusing, selling, donating and recycling. Using FTD’s Circular asset management platform and Supplier Directory, the project significantly reduced waste and generated substantial social benefit.

“I found FTD Circular’s circular economy processes, tools and visions to be robust and well-thought out to be practical in execution. FTD Circular executed their project to a high standard and in a very timely fashion.” Matthew Gusti, New Initiatives Manager, Innovation, Marketing & Technology – Stockland

Interior Fitout Magazine Stockland article p.20

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