Website Design, Personal Branding and Experience Co-Design Experiment


SCOPE: Collaboration with Torrens University/Billy Blue Design final year graphics and marketing students on a “live brief” to create personal branding and a website to showcase our Principal, Vanessa’s, services as a mentor, facilitator and speaker. The students developed Vanessa’s brand under her supervision (and under that of their wonderful lecturer Fiona). The work of two students was then selected (and paid for) to be further developed by these two students and Vanessa. The website was designed and built by the FTD team including one of the students; Angelina Watson. The site presents Vanessa’s individual services as an experiment in ‘Pay What You Feel It’s Worth’ experience co-design, meaning that clients work with Vanessa to design their own bespoke mentoring experience and even determining the appropriate value to pay for this experience is an enrichment experience in itself! Clients can  engage with Vanessa as a mentor directly via the website

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